Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to paint

My last post was on me painting my 2001 Yz125. Well it's done! Anyway, I ended up painting all my white plastics on my bike black, including the blue front number plate. Now, to make sure your paint is well on there, will not chip or scratch off, you need to take your time and paint it slowly because after all; it is plastic, and plastic is flexible therefore making it easy to screw up. You want to start by buying paint that is made for hard to paint surfaces. I used a can of spray paint made for plastics. What you want to do is, every 15 minutes, apply a thin, and by thin, I mean a really thing coat of paint. Keep doing this until your plastics are the colour you want them to be, and then let them dry out for a full day. The best thing to do is to bring them inside your house in the basement once the paint is dry to make it stick to the plastic as much as it can, giving good results. After you have let your paint completely dry and stick to the parts, bring them back outside and apply a coat of gloss that will protect your paint from easy scratchs and make it look a lot better.

Those couple of steps could give you an amazingly good looking result.



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