Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas & New Years

Long time no see eh? I know you missed me. The thing is I've been so damn busy with finding myself a co-op and all, finding a new job, school projects I just can't find the time anymore. Well, Here I am, and I'm here to talk Christmas and New Years. First off, Merry Christmas and have a happy new year, kind of late I know, but what can ya do. Christmas is a time of family gathering, giving and receiving ( if your lucky), but it's not all about that; it's about love. I went down to my home town Kapuskasing to celebrate christmas with my family because no family of mine lives in this area. I had a real good time and all, but I did miss this special someone. I had the time to visit all old friends of mine, party hard, and show my love for my family; no lie, I really did. I had a good christmas with my family that I already miss because we're crazy and we know it. Afterwards, My cusin had a stag party for his wedding. My cusin is 25 or 35 I don't know, but he's one of those cusins where we just like getting on each others bad sides. At his stag, I told him how I really felt; that I'm really happy for him and all, althought I still think he's a complete idiot if you know what I mean. Time went by and along came new years, the big 2009. For that, My family and I went to see my father's crazy family and had a few drinks and had a blast even thought I didn't stay there to long because I wasn't in the mood to drink, more in the mood to go back home the next day and relaxe for once. Still, I had a lot of fun.

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