Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #3

With all purchased  Tippmann A-5's, a certain thing called a cyclone feed is included. I believe the A-5 is the first paintball marker to come with a paintball feeder making Tippmann the creators of this very helpful feeder. This cyclone feed system functions with air as you pull the trigger. After the bolt has pushed the paintball out of the chamber, as it returns to its normal position air goes threw the cyclone feed and pushes another paintball into the chamber. The newer models of the A-5 come with a feed rate of 17 paintballs per second. 

Although this is a great use to the A-5, you will probably be better off buying a "A-5 Shaft and Ratchet Kit" that goes inside your Cyclone feed. The stock part that you'll be replacing often wears down because of its materiel.

Sure 17 paintballs is a fairly fast for those who play it tactical and smart, for the people that rather save there paintballs and shoot more precisely; BUT those are preferences I guess. Some paintballers do need a feeder that loads up to 30 paintballs per second. Well for their case, there's always the "Q-Loader" which feeds 30 balls into your marker, per second.

Monday, September 22, 2008

For the love of Paintball

This is something thats been annoying the poo out of me for a while. Speedball and woodsball (or scenario paintball). Alot of speedballers do not get along with woodsball players. Why? Because they simply feel the need to bring them down just because in order to shoot someone they do not have to shoot a whole hopper at them. Now I'm not taking any sides on this; both types of paintball are difficult, but HEY, they're both paintballing. I've been seeing this for quite a while ever since I was a member on a paintball forum. Every speedball players hating on woodsball players and the other way around. Being so ignorant doesn't help you realize that your hating on a sport that you yourself practice.

Don't hate, appreciate!

A Day at the Pits

I have recently started to dirt bike this summer when my uncle lend me the money for me to get my first dirt bike. I've always wanted one for a while because I was always into it. But nothing made me want to have one more then going to the pits and seeing how everybody there gets along. Going to the pits always means meeting someone new. It is as if we were all brothers. In order to know what I'm talking about you'd have to experience it. I've learned many new things about this sport by going out there and just having fun, riding smart and taking tips from other people in to mind. Might as well call it an addiction because once you go out with your friends to just ride and chill, your not going to be able to last a week without wanting to go again. Motocross is a very dangerous sport, so trying to show off isn't something you'd want to do. Take it easy, don't do anything your not comfortable with but most important, ride smart!

Paintball teams

The sport of paintballing is really fun. It is an amazing way to enjoy a great sunny day with a couple of your buddies. To many people, paintballing was only considered a hobbie, but to those who take it to heart, it is a sport. Out there on the field, you learn to connect with others, understand them, and move as a team because you do know that, there's no I in team...there is an E for Me but you get the point. Starting a team is always fun to do. You get to carefully choose your team mates, choose your position and just go out and have fun. Knowing how to play with your team is also very important. Try evading any arguments with your fellow team mates and be faire. I've seen many teams fall because of arguments there for, as mentioned before, trying to make the team all about you won't work. Take this advice, and go out paintballing and have a blast with your buddies.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #2

There are many upgrades for an A-5 marker. Tippmann A-5's are one of the most common paintball markers to be modified for woods-ball. You can upgrade them into pretty much anything you want (looks that is). Well, for performance, there aren't to many upgrades that come to a really good use. Here is another reason to spend some money. This is a "A-5 Red Hot Power Tube". The stock piece that this one would be replacing is made of plastic and... what more can I say, it's made of plastic so it often brakes. I myself had to replace this part because as I was inserting the velocity screw, the plastic grooves stripped. The Red Hot Power Tube is made of aluminum there for it is more reliable, but it also saves you air, and makes the gun have a nice and loud POW to it. To some people, they think that being a little louder is a problem; well the A-5 is already loud enough as it is, so being a little louder wouldn't kill you.

Good day SIR.

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #1

The Tippmann A-5 is a very popular paintball gun. Many of the people whom own one want to upgrade their gun so that it has the looks of a real assault rifle, or a submachine gun. In order for you not to waste your money on useless junk that you don't need, I'm going to tell you what is right for your Tippmann A-5. Now, in my previous blog, I mentioned that shooting 30 paintballs per second isn't the answer, so a really useful upgrade for your A-5 marker would be a response trigger. A lot of people think that a response trigger is an air hog, well it is not. The response trigger uses the access air from the cyclone feed in order to increase your firepower to a burst of 2-3. You can set it to your preferences. Now you are probably saying HEY you said shooting fast isn't the answer! I did say that, but nothing like having an extra shot to make sure you hit your opponent.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tactic Paintball Tip #1

The world of paintballing is getting better and better, but also, getting worse. In some peoples minds, they think that in order to be good at paintballing, you simply need a gun that shoots 30 paintballs per second! Yah! NO! To tell you the truth, most of the time, you're just annoying the jesus out of everyone else. For all you people who think shooting fast is the answer, try a game of 100 paintballs as your limit and go for a 30 minute game, I can tell you this right now: You will NOT last. For everyone else who knows that the key to playing a tactical paintball game is to preserve your paintballs and air, take the shot when you know you have one, and do not waste more then 5 trying to get someone, all I have to say is keep up the good work!

More paintball tips coming your way!