Monday, September 22, 2008

Paintball teams

The sport of paintballing is really fun. It is an amazing way to enjoy a great sunny day with a couple of your buddies. To many people, paintballing was only considered a hobbie, but to those who take it to heart, it is a sport. Out there on the field, you learn to connect with others, understand them, and move as a team because you do know that, there's no I in team...there is an E for Me but you get the point. Starting a team is always fun to do. You get to carefully choose your team mates, choose your position and just go out and have fun. Knowing how to play with your team is also very important. Try evading any arguments with your fellow team mates and be faire. I've seen many teams fall because of arguments there for, as mentioned before, trying to make the team all about you won't work. Take this advice, and go out paintballing and have a blast with your buddies.

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