Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day at the Pits

I have recently started to dirt bike this summer when my uncle lend me the money for me to get my first dirt bike. I've always wanted one for a while because I was always into it. But nothing made me want to have one more then going to the pits and seeing how everybody there gets along. Going to the pits always means meeting someone new. It is as if we were all brothers. In order to know what I'm talking about you'd have to experience it. I've learned many new things about this sport by going out there and just having fun, riding smart and taking tips from other people in to mind. Might as well call it an addiction because once you go out with your friends to just ride and chill, your not going to be able to last a week without wanting to go again. Motocross is a very dangerous sport, so trying to show off isn't something you'd want to do. Take it easy, don't do anything your not comfortable with but most important, ride smart!

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