Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to paint

My last post was on me painting my 2001 Yz125. Well it's done! Anyway, I ended up painting all my white plastics on my bike black, including the blue front number plate. Now, to make sure your paint is well on there, will not chip or scratch off, you need to take your time and paint it slowly because after all; it is plastic, and plastic is flexible therefore making it easy to screw up. You want to start by buying paint that is made for hard to paint surfaces. I used a can of spray paint made for plastics. What you want to do is, every 15 minutes, apply a thin, and by thin, I mean a really thing coat of paint. Keep doing this until your plastics are the colour you want them to be, and then let them dry out for a full day. The best thing to do is to bring them inside your house in the basement once the paint is dry to make it stick to the plastic as much as it can, giving good results. After you have let your paint completely dry and stick to the parts, bring them back outside and apply a coat of gloss that will protect your paint from easy scratchs and make it look a lot better.

Those couple of steps could give you an amazingly good looking result.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At 11 pm, my buddy Nick and I were just chilling in my garage staring at my bike just talking about random upgrades for our bikes. Nick suddenly says why don't you just paint your bike insted of buying new plastics? So we decided to get to walmart and by spray paint for plastic and get one that. At first I was sketchy about paint it with spray paint. Around midnight - 1 am I started talking apart my bike, clean the plastics and get ready to paint. After I was done the front number plate I then realized that Nick's idea was really good. Not only it looks amazing, but it's a lot cheaper then buying all new plastics.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Offtopic.

My birthday is coming up. My dad recently told me he was going to get me a new dog! :D I've always wanted a dog...but never had one. Now I'm finally getting one! Cool thing is, it ain't just a dog, it's a Beagle! Only the cutest puppy ever, and it's a hunting dog. Me and my father have been hunting for ages together for a father and son activity and I love it and now that I'm going to have a beagle it's going to be even better. Since I want one so bad I'm going to have to train it tho, which doesn't bother me at all because it's going to give me something to do, and it's going to like me more then anyone else in the family because it's going to be mine. I'm going to have to pay for it as well since I got a job at wendys and all, but I couldn't care less.


I hate banks. I deposit money, and I don't get my money! It's been exactly one week (7 days), 5 business days, and I still DON'T have my money. I thought of something awesome; if they don't get you your money in the amount of days they say it will take, they should double it! Why? Because they are wasting my god damn time running back and forth to the bank to see if my money is in yet. I can't eat, I can't go out to my friends, I can't buy my games I've been planning on buying...why? Because banks are dumb!

Jesus murfy.

The Expensive Sport of Motocross

I can say that the title says it all. Dirtbiking is a sport that is loved by millions of people. Easy to say this because of the amount of people that show up at events such as freestyle concerts and motocross races. Sadly, even tho we all love it oh so much, we can't all participate to this wonderful sport. If you are looking to start dirtbiking, you are best off buying a used bike, unless you're rich of course. For a brand new 2008-2009...YZ 125 lets say; you are looking at about 7000 dollars on the spot. Personnaly, a used dirtbike was good enough for me so I went and bought a 2001 yz 125. That cost me 2800 dollars on the spot, but hey! I'm in love with my bike. Sure it ain't brand new spic n span, but it is still an amazing bike and it is in great shape. Woah there! I'm not done. I got lucky because my bike came with a stand to rest the bike on, free pants and a decent helment that I'm planning on changing. But in order to become a good rider, and ride safe, you do need to make some more purchases. You'll probably need, goggles, gloves, boots, helmet, and if you want to keep a clean style; a nice jersey that goes with your bike, your pants, your gloves, your helmet and boots. For goggles, you're looking at 50-100$. I bought pro grip goggles for 85$. For Boots, around 200$ to 300$ or more. I bought sixsixone boots for 200$. For a jersey; 40-50$, for pants; 100-200$, for gloves; 30-50$, and for a helmet; 100-300$. For everything I bought in equipement, my total was around 3500$. That is of course without maintence fees. To have a good preforming dirtbike, you have to maintain it. Taking apart your bike, cleaning the air filter, washing it, checking the spark plug, your tires, are all things you should do after every ride. Treat it with respect because getting on that bike is risking your life.

Rock onnnn!


Ok, heres the dealio, I know I complain alot about other people and there automatic guns just gunning, spraying and praying they hit someone. I do hate it! But...always a but...I am still a really big fan of speedball. Speedball and Woodsball are to completly different things. Well, they are both paintball, merely by that I simply meant tatic wise. Playing woodsball is very fun because of the tatics needed to play; being stealth, conserving your paintballs, camoflauge, and other tactics. Speedball is different in a way that it's like playing a basketball game or a dodgeball game. You just go at it. Don't get me wrong, just going at it does not mean you do not need to use tactics, of course you need tactics! For example; team strategies and plans, what type of player you are ( frontman, Back, etc...), and the list goes on. For speedball, your equipement is entirely different as well. These types of paintball markers are ment for 25 paintballs per second. They can be used for Woodsball, but they aren't made as reliable as scenario markers. The picture on the left is a great speedball marker known as the Ego 08 by Planet eclipse. Other things needed for speedball that are different then woodsball are lets say a pod pack. Pod packs are belts with slots to slide in a pod containing paintballs. In Woodsball, you usually use a vest that can hold your air tank, a various amount of pods that contain 100-200 paintballs, cb radios, etc. As you can tell, it's more realistic and kind of like s.w.a.t. In speedball, teams usually wear all the same kind of jersey, same colour of course. In Woodsball, you would be more tempted into wearing camo to blend in with your enviroment. The list of different items goes on so I'll put a stop to it NOW.

Ragland...NOT CLOSED?

Alright, I was told it was closed, now I've heard otherwise. Turns out ragland is still opened to us riders. But, I did hear there was some enterances blocked off, but that shouldn't be a problem. If I hear any other information about ragland and wether it is closed or not, or partially closed (what ever floats your boat), I will post it immidiatly.

Horray for ragland!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ragland closed?

The sand pits where I usually go out to ride around on my dirt bike with a couple buddies named ragland is now closed? I was recently notified about this. Even though we do not have at the moment, proof of this, but a rumor about someone getting into an accident and breaking his legs. That is why big cement blocks in every entrance have supposedly blocked off the pit. That is a big mistake I find. Closing the only pit near by the people of Oshawa to go enjoy a good day of sun to dirt bike. What do you expect? It is a dangerous sport known to all of us, well most of us I guess. 

Motocross: a timed motorcycle race over a closed course consisting of a winding dirt trail with hills, jumps, sharp turns, and often muddy terrain (Researched definition)

Motocross is a sport where a huge amount of various stunts are presented by most skilled and professional riders of today's society. Riding a dirt bike is not made for showing off; you ride for the love of the sport. Some people aren't as lucky as others, but it happens, it is life. If this rumor is real, I know for a fact there will be many complaints about the closing of this sand pit where many people practiced their favorite sports most likely to be extreme, for example: ATV Riding, Dirt Biking, Off Roading. What's next? Closing of a skate park because of an accident?Someone broke his arm for trying to perform a stunt that went wrong. Skate parks are made for skateboarding, sand pits are meant for the previous extreme sports mentioned.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Small Off Topic Thought

35 million dollars...35 million dollars? 35 MILLION DOLLARS!? I don't get why the lottery cannot just make everyone happy, and share their big amount of money to a bigger amount of people insted of giving away a big amount to one person. Now this is just a thought, but why in the name of cows would someone need 35 million dollars? What are you going to do with that much money? I know! Show Off. If someone can live their lifes with 100 000 dollars a year, imagine having 35 million. Now don't get me wrong; 100 grand a year is a good life, that is why this confuses me.

If I were to win that much money, I would not be able to spend it all, I could be selfish and do it, but it would be a waste. I'd start by giving 2 million to my dad, to my brother, to my mother, and to my grand mother. I'd give away 500 000 to my uncle, my good cusins, and my god father and god mother.
Afterwards, I've always had this dream of starting my own paintball field. I would invest money into that and make me a field and store for paintballers where entrance is free, free air refills, free rentals unless you break it, and the paintballs are regular price. Nothing would make me happier to see everyone enjoy themselfs at a field that no one is getting ripped off.

The next thing I would do is live my second dream of buying me a RV that comes with a storage room in the back in order to store my 2 dirt bikes I would buy, and leave for mexico for the red bull events for motocross. Riding in the deep sand with special tires, and just riding. No worries, no thoughts about anything else, just me, my buddies, and our bikes.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #3

With all purchased  Tippmann A-5's, a certain thing called a cyclone feed is included. I believe the A-5 is the first paintball marker to come with a paintball feeder making Tippmann the creators of this very helpful feeder. This cyclone feed system functions with air as you pull the trigger. After the bolt has pushed the paintball out of the chamber, as it returns to its normal position air goes threw the cyclone feed and pushes another paintball into the chamber. The newer models of the A-5 come with a feed rate of 17 paintballs per second. 

Although this is a great use to the A-5, you will probably be better off buying a "A-5 Shaft and Ratchet Kit" that goes inside your Cyclone feed. The stock part that you'll be replacing often wears down because of its materiel.

Sure 17 paintballs is a fairly fast for those who play it tactical and smart, for the people that rather save there paintballs and shoot more precisely; BUT those are preferences I guess. Some paintballers do need a feeder that loads up to 30 paintballs per second. Well for their case, there's always the "Q-Loader" which feeds 30 balls into your marker, per second.

Monday, September 22, 2008

For the love of Paintball

This is something thats been annoying the poo out of me for a while. Speedball and woodsball (or scenario paintball). Alot of speedballers do not get along with woodsball players. Why? Because they simply feel the need to bring them down just because in order to shoot someone they do not have to shoot a whole hopper at them. Now I'm not taking any sides on this; both types of paintball are difficult, but HEY, they're both paintballing. I've been seeing this for quite a while ever since I was a member on a paintball forum. Every speedball players hating on woodsball players and the other way around. Being so ignorant doesn't help you realize that your hating on a sport that you yourself practice.

Don't hate, appreciate!

A Day at the Pits

I have recently started to dirt bike this summer when my uncle lend me the money for me to get my first dirt bike. I've always wanted one for a while because I was always into it. But nothing made me want to have one more then going to the pits and seeing how everybody there gets along. Going to the pits always means meeting someone new. It is as if we were all brothers. In order to know what I'm talking about you'd have to experience it. I've learned many new things about this sport by going out there and just having fun, riding smart and taking tips from other people in to mind. Might as well call it an addiction because once you go out with your friends to just ride and chill, your not going to be able to last a week without wanting to go again. Motocross is a very dangerous sport, so trying to show off isn't something you'd want to do. Take it easy, don't do anything your not comfortable with but most important, ride smart!

Paintball teams

The sport of paintballing is really fun. It is an amazing way to enjoy a great sunny day with a couple of your buddies. To many people, paintballing was only considered a hobbie, but to those who take it to heart, it is a sport. Out there on the field, you learn to connect with others, understand them, and move as a team because you do know that, there's no I in team...there is an E for Me but you get the point. Starting a team is always fun to do. You get to carefully choose your team mates, choose your position and just go out and have fun. Knowing how to play with your team is also very important. Try evading any arguments with your fellow team mates and be faire. I've seen many teams fall because of arguments there for, as mentioned before, trying to make the team all about you won't work. Take this advice, and go out paintballing and have a blast with your buddies.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #2

There are many upgrades for an A-5 marker. Tippmann A-5's are one of the most common paintball markers to be modified for woods-ball. You can upgrade them into pretty much anything you want (looks that is). Well, for performance, there aren't to many upgrades that come to a really good use. Here is another reason to spend some money. This is a "A-5 Red Hot Power Tube". The stock piece that this one would be replacing is made of plastic and... what more can I say, it's made of plastic so it often brakes. I myself had to replace this part because as I was inserting the velocity screw, the plastic grooves stripped. The Red Hot Power Tube is made of aluminum there for it is more reliable, but it also saves you air, and makes the gun have a nice and loud POW to it. To some people, they think that being a little louder is a problem; well the A-5 is already loud enough as it is, so being a little louder wouldn't kill you.

Good day SIR.

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #1

The Tippmann A-5 is a very popular paintball gun. Many of the people whom own one want to upgrade their gun so that it has the looks of a real assault rifle, or a submachine gun. In order for you not to waste your money on useless junk that you don't need, I'm going to tell you what is right for your Tippmann A-5. Now, in my previous blog, I mentioned that shooting 30 paintballs per second isn't the answer, so a really useful upgrade for your A-5 marker would be a response trigger. A lot of people think that a response trigger is an air hog, well it is not. The response trigger uses the access air from the cyclone feed in order to increase your firepower to a burst of 2-3. You can set it to your preferences. Now you are probably saying HEY you said shooting fast isn't the answer! I did say that, but nothing like having an extra shot to make sure you hit your opponent.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tactic Paintball Tip #1

The world of paintballing is getting better and better, but also, getting worse. In some peoples minds, they think that in order to be good at paintballing, you simply need a gun that shoots 30 paintballs per second! Yah! NO! To tell you the truth, most of the time, you're just annoying the jesus out of everyone else. For all you people who think shooting fast is the answer, try a game of 100 paintballs as your limit and go for a 30 minute game, I can tell you this right now: You will NOT last. For everyone else who knows that the key to playing a tactical paintball game is to preserve your paintballs and air, take the shot when you know you have one, and do not waste more then 5 trying to get someone, all I have to say is keep up the good work!

More paintball tips coming your way!