Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tippmann A-5 Upgrade #2

There are many upgrades for an A-5 marker. Tippmann A-5's are one of the most common paintball markers to be modified for woods-ball. You can upgrade them into pretty much anything you want (looks that is). Well, for performance, there aren't to many upgrades that come to a really good use. Here is another reason to spend some money. This is a "A-5 Red Hot Power Tube". The stock piece that this one would be replacing is made of plastic and... what more can I say, it's made of plastic so it often brakes. I myself had to replace this part because as I was inserting the velocity screw, the plastic grooves stripped. The Red Hot Power Tube is made of aluminum there for it is more reliable, but it also saves you air, and makes the gun have a nice and loud POW to it. To some people, they think that being a little louder is a problem; well the A-5 is already loud enough as it is, so being a little louder wouldn't kill you.

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