Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Expensive Sport of Motocross

I can say that the title says it all. Dirtbiking is a sport that is loved by millions of people. Easy to say this because of the amount of people that show up at events such as freestyle concerts and motocross races. Sadly, even tho we all love it oh so much, we can't all participate to this wonderful sport. If you are looking to start dirtbiking, you are best off buying a used bike, unless you're rich of course. For a brand new 2008-2009...YZ 125 lets say; you are looking at about 7000 dollars on the spot. Personnaly, a used dirtbike was good enough for me so I went and bought a 2001 yz 125. That cost me 2800 dollars on the spot, but hey! I'm in love with my bike. Sure it ain't brand new spic n span, but it is still an amazing bike and it is in great shape. Woah there! I'm not done. I got lucky because my bike came with a stand to rest the bike on, free pants and a decent helment that I'm planning on changing. But in order to become a good rider, and ride safe, you do need to make some more purchases. You'll probably need, goggles, gloves, boots, helmet, and if you want to keep a clean style; a nice jersey that goes with your bike, your pants, your gloves, your helmet and boots. For goggles, you're looking at 50-100$. I bought pro grip goggles for 85$. For Boots, around 200$ to 300$ or more. I bought sixsixone boots for 200$. For a jersey; 40-50$, for pants; 100-200$, for gloves; 30-50$, and for a helmet; 100-300$. For everything I bought in equipement, my total was around 3500$. That is of course without maintence fees. To have a good preforming dirtbike, you have to maintain it. Taking apart your bike, cleaning the air filter, washing it, checking the spark plug, your tires, are all things you should do after every ride. Treat it with respect because getting on that bike is risking your life.

Rock onnnn!

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