Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ok, heres the dealio, I know I complain alot about other people and there automatic guns just gunning, spraying and praying they hit someone. I do hate it! But...always a but...I am still a really big fan of speedball. Speedball and Woodsball are to completly different things. Well, they are both paintball, merely by that I simply meant tatic wise. Playing woodsball is very fun because of the tatics needed to play; being stealth, conserving your paintballs, camoflauge, and other tactics. Speedball is different in a way that it's like playing a basketball game or a dodgeball game. You just go at it. Don't get me wrong, just going at it does not mean you do not need to use tactics, of course you need tactics! For example; team strategies and plans, what type of player you are ( frontman, Back, etc...), and the list goes on. For speedball, your equipement is entirely different as well. These types of paintball markers are ment for 25 paintballs per second. They can be used for Woodsball, but they aren't made as reliable as scenario markers. The picture on the left is a great speedball marker known as the Ego 08 by Planet eclipse. Other things needed for speedball that are different then woodsball are lets say a pod pack. Pod packs are belts with slots to slide in a pod containing paintballs. In Woodsball, you usually use a vest that can hold your air tank, a various amount of pods that contain 100-200 paintballs, cb radios, etc. As you can tell, it's more realistic and kind of like s.w.a.t. In speedball, teams usually wear all the same kind of jersey, same colour of course. In Woodsball, you would be more tempted into wearing camo to blend in with your enviroment. The list of different items goes on so I'll put a stop to it NOW.

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