Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ragland closed?

The sand pits where I usually go out to ride around on my dirt bike with a couple buddies named ragland is now closed? I was recently notified about this. Even though we do not have at the moment, proof of this, but a rumor about someone getting into an accident and breaking his legs. That is why big cement blocks in every entrance have supposedly blocked off the pit. That is a big mistake I find. Closing the only pit near by the people of Oshawa to go enjoy a good day of sun to dirt bike. What do you expect? It is a dangerous sport known to all of us, well most of us I guess. 

Motocross: a timed motorcycle race over a closed course consisting of a winding dirt trail with hills, jumps, sharp turns, and often muddy terrain (Researched definition)

Motocross is a sport where a huge amount of various stunts are presented by most skilled and professional riders of today's society. Riding a dirt bike is not made for showing off; you ride for the love of the sport. Some people aren't as lucky as others, but it happens, it is life. If this rumor is real, I know for a fact there will be many complaints about the closing of this sand pit where many people practiced their favorite sports most likely to be extreme, for example: ATV Riding, Dirt Biking, Off Roading. What's next? Closing of a skate park because of an accident?Someone broke his arm for trying to perform a stunt that went wrong. Skate parks are made for skateboarding, sand pits are meant for the previous extreme sports mentioned.


M. David said...
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M. David said...

Excellent post! You should maybe e-mail this post to the local paper with an introductory sentence so that it can actually make a difference. I was not aware of this issue and neither are a lot of people but if you send it t othe local media, they can make people aware of it and maybe things could change.


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