Friday, October 3, 2008

A Small Off Topic Thought

35 million dollars...35 million dollars? 35 MILLION DOLLARS!? I don't get why the lottery cannot just make everyone happy, and share their big amount of money to a bigger amount of people insted of giving away a big amount to one person. Now this is just a thought, but why in the name of cows would someone need 35 million dollars? What are you going to do with that much money? I know! Show Off. If someone can live their lifes with 100 000 dollars a year, imagine having 35 million. Now don't get me wrong; 100 grand a year is a good life, that is why this confuses me.

If I were to win that much money, I would not be able to spend it all, I could be selfish and do it, but it would be a waste. I'd start by giving 2 million to my dad, to my brother, to my mother, and to my grand mother. I'd give away 500 000 to my uncle, my good cusins, and my god father and god mother.
Afterwards, I've always had this dream of starting my own paintball field. I would invest money into that and make me a field and store for paintballers where entrance is free, free air refills, free rentals unless you break it, and the paintballs are regular price. Nothing would make me happier to see everyone enjoy themselfs at a field that no one is getting ripped off.

The next thing I would do is live my second dream of buying me a RV that comes with a storage room in the back in order to store my 2 dirt bikes I would buy, and leave for mexico for the red bull events for motocross. Riding in the deep sand with special tires, and just riding. No worries, no thoughts about anything else, just me, my buddies, and our bikes.

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M. David said...

The post was really fun to read. I liked the pictures you included. It really enhanced the blog. Next time, be sure to spell check so that there are no spelling mistakes. You don't want a random typo or mispelled word to scar the blog.